miReduce correlates the logarithm of expression fold changes of a set of genes with the motif content of the regulatory sequences of these genes. In particular, it correlates the genome wide mRNA log fold changes in experiments involving the knockout/knockdown/overexpression of one or more miRNAs with the motif content of the 3'UTRs. The model is based on linear regression, and is intended for genome-wide studies.


The code is written as a Perl script for Linux. The details on how to use it and how to interpret the results are in the README file, as well as the literature where more details can be found.


Download the miReduce package

To unpack, do the 'tar -xzf miReduce.tgz'. This will create a directory called miReduce.

If you decide to try and use miReduce, please read the README file carefully, as this is a somewhat rough implementation that we still decided to release due to high demand for this kind of tool.