Molecular Biology of Peptide Hormones


Head of the Group

Prof. Dr. Michael Bader

31.1: Max Delbrück House (Hochbau)

Room 1062.1

Tel. 9406-2193

Fax. 9406-2110


The main area of interest of our group is research on hormones, such as angiotensin, bradykinin and serotonin, focusing on their role in the regulation of the cardiovascular system and in the pathogenesis of hypertension and its consequences.


These hormones also have effects in the central nervous system and in the immune system, so that the projects go beyond the cardiovascular system. In addition to the structural and functional analysis of genes involved in hormone synthesis, the focus of the research is the development and characterization of animal models which exhibit changes in the expression of these genes (transgenic animals). As a consequence, one further interest is in methodology, setting up new transgenic techniques such as the "knockout" technology for rats, the most widely used animal model for cardiovascular diseases.