The Training Program of the Research School is composed of a two year Lecture Series covering Basic and Advanced Concepts of Neurobiology, a Students Journal Club, Practical Courses and PhD-Student-Retreats. I addition you will join Soft Skills Courses centrally organized by the Helmholtz Association.

In Cooperation with the Graduate School we organize once a year in October a Welcome Week for all new PhD-Students, which covers our Central Infrastructure (Library, IT), Core Facilities at the MDC and useful Tips and Tricks for your start as PhD-Student.




1st Semester

    Gross and Fine Anatomy of the Nervous System

    Development of the Nervous System I

    Development of the Nervous System II

    Physiology of Excitable Cells


2nd Semester

    Synaptic Physiology and Biochemistry

    Neuronal protein transport and folding

    Basic Neurochemistry 

    Neurotransmitter, Neurohormones and Neuropetides


3rd Semester

    Neuroimmunology and Biology of peripheral and central Glia cells

    Sensory System somatosensory and auditory

    Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

    Sensory Systems vision, olfaction and taste

    Techniques to asses animal behaviour


4rd Semester

    Mouse Genetics

    Clinical Workshop in Neurological Disorders

    Higher Brain Functions