Overview on ECRC funded projects and research groups

ECRC-funded research groups

Cardiovascular diseases and metabolism

Prof. Friedrich Luft


Nephrology/ Hypertension
Prof. Maik Gollasch


Smooth Muscle Cell  Electrophysiology and Ion Channels
Prof. Ralph Kettritz


Nephrology and Inflammatory Vascular Diseases
Prof. Dominik Müller / Dr. Ralf Dechend


Hypertension-caused End-Organ Damage
Prof. Jeanette Schulz-Menger


Cardiac MRI
Prof. Silke R. Sperling


Cardiovascular Genetics
Prof. Joachim Spranger


Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutritional Medicine

Prof. Simone Spuler




Prof. Bernd Dörken


Haematology / Tumorimmunology
Prof. Ulrike Stein


Translational Oncology
Furthermore, the ECRC supports the interdisciplinary cooperation of Charité / ECRC clinicians and the MDC research group "Experimental Ultrahigh-Field MR" headed by Prof. Thoralf Niendorf at the Berlin Ultrahigh Field Facility.


ECRC-funded Project Groups and ECRC-funded rotation positions for physician scientists


Project group leader

Project title

Dr. Christian Geier

Clinic for Cardiology
Charité Campus Virchow Clinics

Genetic mechanisms of heart disease
PD Dr. med. Torsten Kai Roepke

Clinic for Cardiology and Angiology
Charité Campus Mitte

The Role of KCNEs in mammalian physiology
Dr. Il-Kang Na

Clinic for  Haematology and Oncology
Charité Campus Virchow Clinics

Applied transplantation immunology

Dr. Jens Fielitz

Clinic for Cardiology
Charité Campus Virchow Clinics

Protein regulation in heart and skeletal muscle

Dr. Christian Fischer 

Hepatology and Gasteroenterology
Angiogenesis group
Charité Campus Virchow Clinics

Directors from the brain gut axis: the functional role of Slit and Robo axonal guidance factors for vascularization and progression of neuroendocrine tumors
PD Dr. Sabine Klaassen

Clinics for Pädiatrics with Focus on Cardiology

Charité Campus Virchow Clinics

Genetics of congenital heart disease
Dr. Klemens Raile

Clinic for Pediatrics
Charité Campus Virchow Clinics

Human gene variations causing beta-cell dysfunction

Dr. Adrian Schreiber

Medical Department, Division of Nephrology
and Internal Intensive Care Medicine

Charité Campus Virchow Clinics

Effector mechanisms of ANCA-vasculitis