Available Microscopes & Techniques

Advanced Light Microscopy - Technology Platform offers several high end state-of-art microscope setups for a wide range of imaging techniques and applications:


Confocal Laser Scanning and 2-Photon Microscopy:

 Leica TCS SPE upright, with 405/488/561/635 nm laser, 10x/20xOil/40xOil/63xOil objective, motorized stage
 Leica TCS SP5

inverted, with 405/488/561/633 nm laser, 10x/20xMI/40xOil/63xOil/63xW objective, tandem resonance scanner, 3 PMT and 2 HyD detectors, motorized stage, live cell incubator

 Leica TCS SP8

inverted, with 488/561/633 nm laser, 10x/20xMI/63xGlycerol objective, tandem resonance scanner, 1 PMT and 2 HyD detectors, motorized stage, live cell incubator

 Zeiss LSM 510 Meta NLO

inverted, with 488/561/633 nm and 2-Photon laser, 10x/25xMI/40xW/63xOil/63xW/100xOil objective, 2 PMT, 1 META and 1ND detector, motorized stage, live cell incubator

 Zeiss LSM 710 NLO

inverted, with 405/488/561/633 nm and 2-Photon laser, 5x/10x/20x/25xMI/32xW/40xOil/63xOil objective, 3 PMT detectors, motorized stage, live cell incubator

 Zeiss LSM 700

inverted, with 405/488/555/639 nm laser, 5x/10x/20x/40x/40xOil/63xOil objective, 2 PMT detectors, motorized stage, live cell incubator


2-Photon microscopy for in vivo/intravital imaging:

LaVision TRIMScope

upright, with 2-Photon laser and OPO, 4x/20xW/63xW objective, 3 PMT and 2 high sensitivity PMTdetectors, EMCCD camera for single beam and multi beam scanning, incubation system


Widefield fluorescence and TIRF microscopy:

Olympus Cell^R

inverted fluorescence microscope with 10x/20x/40xOil/63xW/63xTIRF/100xTIRF objective, 405/458/488/514/561/640 nm laser for TIRF illumination, EMCCD camera, motorized stage and TIRF illumination, autofocus system, live cell incubator


Widefield fluorescence and laser microdissection microscopy:

Zeiss PALM MicroBeam

inverted fluorescence microscope with 5x/10x/20x/40x objective, color and B/W camera for laser-assisted micro-dissection and catapulting


Light-sheet microscopy:

LaVision Ultra light sheet microscope I whith white-light laser and sCMOS camera



 Leica MF165 fluorescence stereomicroscope


Cell culture incubator, steril bench and a small lab area in the ALM allows for short-time storage of live specimen and sample preparation.