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April 2016
New TransCard Student
Please welcome Laura M. Mueller (Spagnoli lab), who has joinded the TransCard program on April 18th, 2016.

February 2016
Research Highlight for Holger Gerhardt
It is blood pressure that drives the opening of small capillaries during angiogenesis. A team of researchers led by Holger Gerhardt observed the process for the first time and published their findings in Nature Cell Biology. If you are interested please click here to enter the research highlights.
New TransCard Students
Please welcome Valentin Schneider (Huebner lab), Judith Huettemeister (Gotthardt lab), and Marta Bastos de Oliveira (Gerhardt lab), who have joined the TransCard program in February 2016.

January 2016
New TransCard Student
Please welcome Kristin Kraeker (Dechend/Mueller lab), who has joined the TransCard program on January 28th, 2016.

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