Computational Regulatory Genomics

Ohler Lab

Head of the Group

Prof. Dr. Uwe Ohler

89: Max-Rubner-House

Room 1.15

Tel. 030 9406 1810

Fax. 030 9406 1751



Michaela Kolbe

89: Max-Rubner-House

Room 0.04a

Tel. +49 30 94061752

Fax. +49 30 94061751


Our lab develops and uses computational approaches to understand the biology of gene regulation in eukaryotic organisms. The expression of genes is a multi-step process that is tightly controlled on several levels — a large number of protein and RNA factors and DNA and RNA sequence elements enable the precise regulation of interacting gene products. According to our current understanding, this complexity in higher organisms is not achieved by a more complex repertoire of parts, i. e. genes, but instead by the more complex regulation of the parts. It is a key challenge to decipher these complex networks of players and interactions, and to move biology from case studies to an integrated, global approach. Computational biology has become indispensable to analyze and ultimately make sense of the current large-scale data sets that look at the phenomenon of gene regulation from different angles.

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