Genetics of Congenital Heart Disease


Head of the Group

PD Sabine Klaassen

27: Walter-Friedrich House

Room 231

Tel. 3319

Fax. 2536

42-52: Experimental and Clinical Research Center

Room 1402

Tel. +49-(0)30-450540656



Clinician Scientist Position

The goal of our “pediatric cardiogenetics platform” is to explore the genetic background of congenital heart disease and to translate these research findings into clinical practice. The field of “cardiogenetics” includes cardiomyopathies, arrhythmias, and congenital heart defects.

We therefore combine clinical cardiological diagnostics and treatment of children and adolescents with novel molecular genetic tools. There is incredible progress in the identification of the genetic causes for many of these diseases, especially with novel diagnostic opportunities (next generation sequencing).

There is a close interaction with the Clinic for Pediatric Cardiology at the Charité (Director: Prof. Dr. med. F. Berger). Within the already existing outpatients department a special cardiomyopathy clinic was established. The cooperation with the CharitéCentrum 17 for Women, Children and Adolescent Medicine with Perinatal Center and Human Genetics improves the clinical care of these patients.

The knowledge that will result from basic research in congenital heart disease will be useful for heart disease in adult patients as well.