Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disease

Cardiovascular (e.g. coronary heart diseas and atherosclerosis) and metabolic diseases (e.g. diabetes and obesity) are closely linked and can have both hereditary and lifestyle causes.

At the MDC we are aiming to understand the molecular and cellular basis of healthy cardiovascular and metabolic functions in both adults and in the developing organisms. At the same time we are working to understand the pathophysiology of these diseases and identify environmental influences, monogenic and complex genetic traits, and epigenetic factors predictive of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Protein degeneration in the heart
Figure: Marcel Nowak

To this end, we employ molecular biological techniques including high-throughput approaches – genomics, proteomics, epigenomics –, stem cell technologies, model organisms and transgenic techniques, alongside epidemiological studies and imaging techniques.

Our studies lay the groundwork for the development of preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, including the identification of biomarkers and drug targets and the advancement of regenerative medicine approaches.



Prof. Dr. Norbert Hübner


Research Groups

Molecular Biology of Peptide Hormones

Prof. Dr. Michael Bader

Mathematical Cell Physiology

Dr. Martin Falcke


Integrative Vascular Biology

Prof. Dr. Holger Gerhardt


Mobile DNA

Dr. Zsuzsanna Izsvák


Anchored Signalling

Dr. Enno Klußmann
(Permanent Fellow)


Signaling processes of receptors

Prof. Dr. Martin Lohse


Molecular Muscle Physiology

Prof. Dr. Ingo Morano


Hypertension-Induced End-Organ Damage

Prof. Dr. Dominik Müller

Experimental Ultrahigh-Field MR

Prof. Dr. Thoralf Niendorf


Molecular Epidemiology

Prof. Dr. Tobias Pischon



Proteome Dynamics

Prof. Dr. Matthias Selbach


Molecular Cardiovascular Research

Prof. Dr. Thomas Willnow