ERC Grants

Since 2007 the European Research Council (ERC) has been funding scientists in basic research with one of the most important and prestigious funding programs in Europe. In total, scientists of the MDC have been awarded 23 of the highly sought-after ERC grants, 20 of them were raised directly at the MDC. 16 grant winners are currently working at the MDC.

ERC Advanced Grants

Advanced Grants support established researchers who are seen as independent research leaders in their own right. To qualify for an application, researchers need an excellent scientific track record over a period of at least ten years. An Advanced grant supports researchers for 5 years with € 2.5 million (up to € 3.5 million in exceptional cases).



ERC Consolidator Grants

Consolidator Grants are intended for independent scientists at a stage in their career at which they are consolidating their research teams and programs. The grant supports researchers with up to € 2.75 million.



ERC Starting Grants

Starting Grants support young and aspiring researcher leaders and promote their early scientific independence. The grant supports scientists with up to € 2 million.



ERC Proof of Concept Grants

Proof of Concept Grants are open only to ERC grant holders who want to bring theit research closer to application. The support does not exceed € 150,000.



* ERC Grant recipients have not been at the MDC at the time they received the grant.

** ERC Grant recipients received the funding at their time at the MDC, but left the research center in the meantime.

*** ERC Grant recipient cooperates in another ERC joint research project.