Technology Platforms and Core Facilities

Technology Platforms at the MDC support established and front-end application of technologies, provide instrumentation and methodologies and are engaged in collaborative research projects and technology developments. Driven by the demand of the MDC´s scientific topics, the portfolio of our Technology Platforms develops hand in hand with progress and innovation in research and with new developments on the technology market.


  • Biobank (MDC & BIH) - Tobias Pischon

  •       Chemical Biology (MDC & FMP)



Dr. Jutta Steinkötter

Executive Management

Hermann von Helmholtz House
Room 1201

Tel. +49 30 9406 2880

Fax. +49 30 9406 2882


Nadine Ewald


Hermann von Helmholtz House
Room 1202

Tel. +49 30 9406 2881

Fax. +49 30 9406 2882