Research Grants

EU Liaison Officer


Dr. Ioannis Legouras

84: Hermann von Helmholtz House

Room 1315

Tel. 4247


A successful project requires planning, development and implementation.

The Research Funding Office works to promote institutional priorities and faculty research by identifying and helping to obtain external funding from foundations, government agencies, and corporations.

We coordinate ongoing relationships with a selected group of foundations, government agencies, and corporate funders and facilitates contacts by the president, provost, trustees, and key volunteers.

The principal aims of the Research Funding Office are:

  • locating, collecting and distributing information on potential funding sources, both in Germany and abroad

  • providing guidance, advice, and offering suggestions on proposal writing

  • offering administrative services to academic staff members at all steps of a grant lifecycle

  • mediating (together with the legal department) the negotiation and authorization of the  the contractual relationship with funding sources

  • assist in the follow-up in order to assure adherence to the timetables of the different sponsored research projects

During the year 2012, institute researchers were active in over 280 research projects, totaling a gross external research income of over €21 million.

The top sources providing external research grant support for research were the German Research Foundation, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the European Union Framework Programme, as well as research support programs from various foundations and industry.

Third party funds support not only research projects but also research careers as well as the international exchange of scientists. Overheads resulting from research funding support the infrastructure of the institute like running costs for large equipment, animal facilities or special equipment that is commonly shared.

The MDC has its own programme for recruiting excellent scientists from different countries – PhD and Postdoc fellowships, Delbrück- and Cecile Vogt fellowships for early independence of excellent scientists. Additionally, there are Helmholtz-Junior groups, funded by the Helmholtz Initiative and Networking Fund.

Furthermore, the MDC is an attractive beneficiary for EU funding agencies, as evidenced by our 8 ERC Grant holders, several Marie Curie Fellows and many groups involved in EU cooperation networks. The cooperation large scale project EURATRANS is coordinated in MDC.

Get in touch with the EU Liaison Officer for information and support regarding research grants.