DFG Programmes

MDC Participation in Collaborative Research Centres and Transregional research centres


SFB 449: Structure and function of membrane receptors

SFB 633: Induction and modulation of  T cell-imparted Immunreactions in the gastrointestinal tract

SFB 577: Molecular principles of the clinical variability of monogenic diseases

SFB 665: Development disorders in the nervous system

SFB 740: From molecules to modules: Organisation and dynamics of functional units in cells

SFB 555: Complex non-linear processes

SFB Transregio 36: Principles and applications of adoptive T cell therapy

SFB Transregio 43: The brain as a target of inflammatory processes

SFB Transregio 54: Growth and survival, plasticity und cellular interactivity of lymphatic neoplasias

SFB Transregio 52:  Transcriptional programming of  individual T-cell populations

SFB Transregio 3:   Mesial temporal lobe epilepsies



MDC Participation in Priority Programmes


Molecular mechanisms involved in the maintenance of the undifferentiated state in human embryonic stem cells

(SPP: Embryonale und gewebespezifische Stammzellen: Regenerative Zellsysteme für einen Zell- und Gewebeersatz)


Dynamics of Chromatin Accessibility and Proteome Distribution in Living Cells

(SPP1128: Optische Analyse der Struktur und Dynamik supramolekularer biologischer Komplexe)


Mechanism of target site selection in Sleeping Beauty transposition and its experimental manipulation for targeted transgene insertion in human cells

(SPP1230: Mechanisms of gene vector entry and persistence)


Neuron-glia interaction at a giant mammalian synapse, the Calyx of Held

(SPP1172: Die Bedeutung der Neuroglia für Bildung, Funktion und Plastizität)


Risk analysis of T cell receptor gene-modified T lymphocytes

(SPP1230: Mechanisms of gene vector entry and persistence)