Epigenetic regulation and chromatin architecture

Head of the Group

Prof. Dr. Ana Pombo



Michaela Liemen

89: Max-Rubner-House

Room 0.04a

Tel. +49 30 94061752

Fax. +49 30 94061751


Our group is interested in understanding the interplay between gene regulation and genome architecture, towards defining rules and principles of genome function. The cell nucleus can be defined as a dynamic system that depends on biomolecular chromatin interactions determined at the local level. These interactions process regulatory information to generate diverse responses. A holistic approach that seeks to integrate multi-factorial aspects of genome function requires that various parameters are studied in parallel for the same nuclear environments (e.g. cell types or physiological conditions) and that the resulting information is integrated. Our long-term strategy for unravelling the principles of genome function in higher eukaryotes aims to integrate multiple parameters, which is becoming increasingly possible with state-of-the-art developments in molecular biology, epigenetics, nuclear imaging, proteomics and genetics.

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Einstein BIH Visiting Professor: Prof. Mario Nicodemi     funded by Charité Foundation and Einstein Foundation           (see MDC insights).

The Pombo and Nicodemi labs cooperate on understanding chromatin folding and gene regulation in disease associated genomic regions by use of physics models, computer simulations and high-throughput data production and analysis.