Light Microscopy (BIMSB)


The Berlin Institute of Medical System Biology - Light Microscopy Platform has recently been established at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine. This platform aims at providing state-of-the-art infrastructure, technology, and support necessary for researchers at the BIMSB and MDC to perform advanced imaging at scales ranging from a single molecule to whole organisms.

Firing neuron

Total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy reveals the activity of primary hippocampal neurons. Data was acquired by Dr. Zohreh Farsi.

Research Interests

In addition to supporting the work of other researchers within the BIMSB and MDC, we also conduct research investigating the structure, function, and modulation of the neuronal synapse. We are working to adapt existing or developing novel technology including:

  • Small molecule and genetically encoded biosensors
  • Experimental multiplexing techniques
  • Advanced image analysis tools

to quantitatively study intracellular signal transduction and synaptic transmission. We aim at contributing to a better understand how information is processed at subcellular, cellular, and networks scales and how this processing is altered in neurological disorders. 

Resources and training

The platform offers collaboration opportunities, consultation and training in project planning, sample preparation, image acquisition, data management and analysis. Please contact us for more details.